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Mass Effect 5 : Release Date and Expectations of the New Game

Mass Effect is one the game series, that definitely has either a good or bad response from the players. The game series, that initially debuted on November 20, 2007 has been developed by gaming studios like BioWare, Microsoft Game Studios, PopCap Games, EA Mobile, Iron Monkey Studios, Straight Right, Edge of Reality. Originally, the concept of the game was a trilogy concept about space soldier, Commander Shepard. And the latest game released by the developers from the series is titled Mass Effect : Andromeda, which got a mixed of opinions.

Fans of the series and particularly onlookers were anticipated by the news that a fifth game is going to launch soon and wondering about the release of the game. Well, we have covered all the news and information just for you. Read to know more.

Mass Effect : A Sci – FI Adventure Saga

The whole game is largely based on a space soldier, Commander Shepard , who’s only goal is to save the galaxy from a bunch of evil beings who are called Reapers. The game got alot of attention in the gym nh world due to it’s unique visual and animation and narration plus the voice acting of the characters.

The game series, is the second one in the history of games to have universal acclaim. The game has sold around 7 million copies with its trilogy series, 800k copies just from the third game, Mass Effect III.

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When Is the Mass Effect Fifth Game Going to Release?

Fans rejoiced back in 2019, when BioWare, the developers who introduced the game to the world has confirmed that they are indeed working on another part of sequence of Mass Effect. They said that they are still working on some major parts of the game and will bring it to the audience very soon.

Although they didn’t revealed when they are going to bring the game to the market, fans are pretty sure it’s going to take a while, one of the reasons being the pandemic crisis. We can expect the game to release somewhere around in 2021 or 2022.

What to Expect and Not Expect From the Game?

Surely, we can expect some good content this time as the last two games didn’t quite received the mark that their predecessor games did. But we also can expected it to continue the Andromeda series, which can be a bit downfall. So don’t take your hopes high. But we know for sure, it’s going to be a good game.