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Mask 3: Storyline to Be Continued With the Comedy Starrer Son of Mask

Superhero Comedies have been a very popular genre among the teenagers of this century. Movies like Deadpool, Shazam and Green Lantern have made people laugh as well as thrilled them. Their box office success speaks volumes about their acceptability to the public. However long before the above movies were even conceptualized, a franchise made a bold move. It decided to make a comedy superhero movie in the 1990’s. The series came to be known as the Mask.

The first part of the series released in 1994. Second installment was released in 2005. After years of wait we did have a third part which was renamed Son of Mask. It was a continuation of the storyline.

Mask 3: Storyline

The plot for the story is much more unique and different than many other stories. It talks about the life of a group of ghosts. These terrifying but funny entities perform a heist. Attacking a prison cell, they try to free their inmates there. Inmates generally consist of their fellow ghosts. Main objective behind doing this is to form an alliance or a pact of their own.

Ghosts believe that they have always loved under the terror and threat posed by human beings. Now it was time to reign supremacy and dominance across the realm. By establishing their own empire, ghosts would rule over the Earth surface with utmost freedom. A hilarious storyline coupled with the fantastic performance of Jim Carrey as the lead, makes the movie a brilliant watch.

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Mask 3: Crossover

Various news reports and interviews confirmed that the movie was a crossover between Ace Ventura and The Mask. Above mentioned movies starred Jim Carrey in the leading role. One of the episodes from the third installment was titled Acemen Cometh. Another of the episodes were also given the name of Have Mask Will Travel. This suggests that the show combined the elements of both the hilarious Jim Carrey movies.

Mask 3: Additional information

Whenever there is a TV show some controversy and chaos is bound to develop surrounding it. 2nd episode in the second season of the show was shot completely before a considerable time period. But for some reason, it was not telecasted on the primetime BBC Network. Thus the viewers had to skip that episode and move on to the next one. This was a reason for the discontinuity in the storyline.