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Marvels Runaways Season 4 : Aired Date, All Cast, and Everything We Know so Far

Runaway is Marvel cinematic universe series started in 2017. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who somehow discovers their parent’s darkest secrets.  So far unlike other Marvel series like Daredevil, Punisher this series was not that hit however they still manages to air three seasons now the question is do Runway has season four?

Release Date : Marvels Runaways Season 4

The season three had answered lot of untouched questions of season two starting with answering the question related to the identity of the Gibbon not only this we saw how Morgan Le Fay communicated with Nico as he had a very evil idea in his mind and that was to conquer the world after he came out of the dark world however just like superheroes the Runaways were able to save the world but for that they had to pay a price with the Gert’s life. Season three also presented a time travel scene where Chace sacrificed his life but interestingly the show ended in a happy note and there was mocking reference presented in the series and that mocking reference was of Alex’s future version now the question do we have a season four in line?

As per the reports present there is no season four of Marvel’s Runaway y yes you heard it right as most of the series production has been canceled like Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Johns all of their renewal was canceled similarly Marvel’s Runaway has been canceled after third season and this was declared by Hulu, the platform that telecast the show.

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However, till now there is no exact reason behind the cancelation of the show but people fans believe that it is canceled because of its poor viewership.