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Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann Couple Are Happy With Their Married Life

This article is about Mariska Hargitay and her partner Peter Hermann .It is important to be happy after marriage so let’s see what we know about their married life…

How did they meet? 

We all know that they became more close during the hit NBC show .They actually met on the law and order set and now their love for each other is increasing day by day ,year by year with each moment passing ,so they should be thankful to the show .They went to date for the first time after the filming of the law and order wrapped .Actually Hermann has invited Mariska to church .They discussed so much about different topics on their first date and that was the time when Mariska realised that he is the one for her .Even she started crying because she was so overwhelmed .

After some years she explained that she cried because she felt something that she had never felt before .

About their marriage

The couple got married in August ,2004  at the Unitarian Historical Chapel in Santa Barbara and was really a very happy couple .Even their wedding planner has confirmed that they are mad about each other at the time of their marriage and after two years of their marriage they welcomed a baby in their home in June,2006.They have now successfully completed 17 years of their marriage .

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About the couple’s family 

They keep on growing their family and enjoying their lives with their family. Now the couple have three kids in their home.. they have adopted two children after their first baby .They told everyone that adoption was always in their plan and they both wanted a big family as they both have come from big joint family .The couple are not very much active on social media but they are happy with each other and are exploring the things together .T hey are really such a cute couple .

In real life Hargitay is a lawyer for the people who have survived the crimes and she always had the support of hermann in everything .

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