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Man Spits on Oranges and Gets Slapped , Is It True ?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused all the world to shut down and are under lockdown. Government all over the world are issuing advisory and guidelines to be followed during this period of world crisis. Some countries have even imposed some strict laws to keep the people inside their home like shooting anyone who does not obey the guidelines of the authority or cause a problem to them. But still, there are many people who are not taking the virus seriously are careless about it.

Social media is full of videoes which shows people disobeying the lockdown rules and even are fighting with the people who are involved in necessary services. One these video which is running all around on social media is of a grocery store in the street.

The video shows a man first spits on the oranges of a grocery store and then when a woman objected about his action he got abusive with her. But the man learnt the correct lesson immediately when a store worker slapped him which sent him crashing into the ground.

Acts like these are shameful and it looks like it has become a trend to take advantage of the fear of the pandemic. As we can see videoes of many people committing such type of activity as a few days earlier a woman for the sake of her prank spat on the fruits in a store in Pennsylvania because of which the owner had to throw thousands of dollars worth of food. This is a time when we should help the small businessman instead of increasing their trouble.

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