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Making Plans for Reopening Utah by Early May : 122 New COVID-19 Cases Increase and Two More Deaths

Salt Lake City, Utah had over 60,000 tests taken in the Western State of United States of America. From the tests, confirmed positive cases of 3069 were reported by the Health Officials on Sunday April 19.

Among the death cases, 2 new deaths were announced by the officials as on Sunday. Total of 27 deaths were reported from the state as of now. The reported deaths include the Salt Lake City’s residents, a male and a female. Both the residents were above the age of 85. Both of them had some underlying medical conditions which were not disclosed.

Around 63,555 tests have been taken for the coronavirus positivity among the civilians. From which a total of 3069 were tested as positive. There’s been an increase in jump of 5% cases of Covid – 19 cases since Saturday. 138 people have been detected having the virus on Sunday.


The Governor of the State, Gary Herbert announced that they will be doubling up the daily testing of the state with the help of Silicon Slopes Serves.

Friday was the first day where the tally number for negative tests acquired were added to the graph. And due to this initiative plan, a total of 3,388 we’re tested negative from a total of 6,093 test results. These data numbers were added to the report and displayed to the civilians.

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Utah’s planning to reopen Economy of the state.

Last week on Friday, April 17, Governor Gaby Herbert announced his plans to reopen the economy with some special restrictions and rules. On his official Twitter account, he shared this tweet to the civilians :

“We will base the reactivation of Utah’s economy on data. We can simultaneously address health issues and support our economy, as we employ strong testing and hygiene measures to make public spaces safer.”

Project Protect

Volunteers have been asked to step in the light and help in making 5 million masks for the front line warriors. This project has been called as Project Protect.