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[Major] The Order Season 2: is coming now check out whats new

Created by Dennis  Heaton, starring Jake Manley, Sarah Grey, Matt Frewer, Sam Trammell, Max Martini. Composed by Patric Caird . its basically American web based series .It’s basically horror with lots of drama, suspense, romance and little comedy makes this series very exciting .It was firstly premiered on 7th march 2019 and was review so well by the audience more over its most demanded series of the horror segment .

When will it get launched ?

Here are few news for you the second season of order might get release in 2021 according to rumours of by the end of 2020 . yes its surely goanna get season 2 but dates are not announced officially yet so  keep eye on our news . we will report you as soon as we get updates.

Trailer ?

Trailer is not released yet but the new random shoots and teaser kind a think you can find on you tube guys do go and check it out .


Basically there is a heroic team like a family and slowly few get died like grand pa in first part. Than when we come to second part all the confusion and tragedy gets solved. Later in story we find that grand ma want to send her grandson to some reputed university in Belgrave with some secretive she decide him to send over their but what happens ? (check it out in the actually series guys ).

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Jake and sophomore are now new friends though its quiet fast to go so good in the new university environment though he went through it. lately Jake’s bit tragic love triangle and growing new friendship stories come up with lots of humour.

Cast News

It seems like all same actors won’t be there but yes main actor with some new faced will be appearing on the screen. who will be the new face is officaly not declare yet but yes we promised you to get those news soon .