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Magicians Season 5 : Episode 7 Countdown For Episode 7

The Magicians Season 5
The Magicians Season 5


The Magicians is an American television series that airs on Syfy and is based on the novel of the same name by Lev Grossman. The first season was with 13 episode in May 2015, and the series premiered on December 16, 2015.
Now, talking about the season 5, it made a return on January 15, 2020 on wednesday. Here are the list of episodes and brief detail about them.


EPISODE 1: “Do Something Crazy”
EPISODE 2: “The Wrath of the Time Bees”
EPISODE 3: “The Mountain of Ghosts”
EPISODE 4: ” Magicians Anonymous”
EPISODE 5: “Apocalypse Now?!”
EPISODE 6: “oops!… I Did It Again”
EPISODE 7: “Acting Dean” (yet to come)
EPISODE 8: “Garden Variety Homicide” (coming soon)

The Magicians is worth watching!! The season is bolder amd weirder than ever. It is Definitely fantasy with all the horror stuff in it, surprisingly bloody horror! It also revolves around a particular character centered on a group of snarky millennial grad students whose often mutually destructive bonds- both platonic and romantic-constantly threaten to rupture altogether, due to real, human mistakes instead of evil supernatural villains. It’s a complete death drama with lots of twists and horros.
The Magicians is a supernatural tale adapted from the books of Lev Grossman. The characters are all there and quite recognizable, and it’s still about magic students and mysterious otherworlds.

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Here is the list of cast:
Jason Ralph (III) – as Quentin Coldwater
Stella Maeve – as Julia Wicker
Olivia Taylor- as Alice Quinn
Hale Appleman- as Eliot Waugh
Arjun Gupta – as William “Penny” Adiyodi
Summer Bishil-as Margo Hanson
Jade Tailor- as Kady Orloff-Diaz
and many others like Rick Worthy, Brittany Curran and Trevor Einhorn.
The cast and crew has gave full efforts to makr this series very terrified and horror. This has been resulted in high watching rates and demands of seasons.


The Episode 7 is called “Acting Dean” and it will air on Wednesday 19th February, 2020. Although you can watch the promo which has been already released.
” Todd sings a song. Margo gives a foot bath.”
Time: 22:00(American/New_York Time)
In this 5th season, the story is pretty much out of material to adapt from the novels. Season 4 spent most of its time preparing for this, a big bad- a monster that possessed Eliot( Hale Appleman), the most charming member of the cast- it was an invention of the series.
This season a new threat has arrived: in freeing magic, there a lot to watch as in last season, death of Quentin Coldwater for saving his friends was a sacrifice.
Now, let’s see that the magicians can make it together to save the world from the evils without Quentin or not!