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Maggie Griffin Has Died At The Age Of 99 As She Was Suffering From Dementia.

Kathy Griffin, An actress worthy enough to be quoted as “One of the best in the business of comedy”.

Recently, her mother Maggie Griffin has died at the age of 99 as she was suffering from dementia.

The actress went to social media after her mother died announced her death in a very subtle way. She said “My mother who was suffering from dementia for about 2 years and now she’s gone and hell! She went on St. Patrick’s day”.

Maggie Griffin has also appeared in a number of shows creating her presence on TV shows. She was a star on Griffin’s one of the best reality show “My Life on the D-list” and also starred in “Kathy” and “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a story”.

The actress loved her mother very much as she was so influenced by her mother that she also wrote a book on her mother’s relationship with her husband John Griffin who passed away in 2007.

The 99-year-old actress was full of life and joy as Kathy has always looked after her mother and she announced in September 2018 about her mother’s illness and she also stated that she is under 24-hour-surveillance but it was still hard enough to look after her.

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So, it’s really a sad thing for Kathy as most of her jokes were inspired by her mother’s real-life experiences with her. So, it’s sad but then again, for now, she’s gone there is no way we can bring her back so, let’s pray for her soul and make sure as fans we pray.

She always loved her fans and make sure that she takes everything and contribute to her fans. So, as a parting gift, let’s just wish for her to have a safe journey to heaven.