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Madison Beer Speak and Slam Over Plastic Surgery Complaints on Tiktok

Tiktok is a very popular social media platform for today’s generation. People here can post entertaining videos and can show them to the world. It truly has become a global sensation. Many stars have been an avid member to this social institution. But it invited ire from a large section of the population. This is the case because of its at times vulgar content and non sensical portrayal. It has also been a platform that has invited a lot of criticisms for its socially useless visualization and typical usage for promoting popularity. Tiktok Stars have been at the center of any controversy. Lately one such star had fierce altercation with her fans on this platform.

What did Madison Beer talk about?

Madison Beer is a hugely popular star on Tiktok. She has more than 10 million followers on Tiktok. Along with that she also has more than 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Recently there were reports that she was body shamed on this platform. Fans wrote on her Tiktok handle that she was lying about undergoing a plastic surgery. They also complained that she had undergone cosmetic procedure and was now denying those reports.

How did Madison Beer reply to her detractors?

Madison replied by slamming them with body shaming. She said that she had undergone a surgery long time ago and was still regretting it’s effects. Visibly upset with the comments, she said that it had made her very sad and emotional and she felt like crying. This was all done on a live Tiktok Chat. Adding to reports that she had undergone cosmetic procedure to her lips, she denied it again. Beer smiled in a lot of postures and replied that her lips looked different just because of her variety of smiles. Not because she had undergone some surgery to fix them. Madison urged her fans to stop this propaganda as it was doing nothing but hurting her more. Such body shamming comments are very vulgar and racist according to her.

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Which other stars have been impacted by this incident?

Other Tiktok Stars like Addison Rae and Charlie D Amelio have also slammed their detractors on Tiktok. Madison just made an entry into that significant list of stars disturbed by this hurtful behavior.