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Mad Men Season 8 Release Date, Cast and Expected Plot

The 60s men are really crazy and there are plenty of shows which described in the best possible way.

Now, We are just going to talk about one of the shows which have been able to define them in the best possible way. The show is “Mad Men”.

With 7 seasons in their lot. It has been able to remain quite popular on AMC and with that, the character of Don Draper has been able to live among the audience for a long time.

What’s Waiting for Us?

The series has been able to confirm the fact that it’s going to have Season 8 and it’s going to be more than just fun and the creators are confirming it.

The series has been able to win a lot of accolades even 4 Golden Globes in total.

But let’s just focus on the upcoming season of the series as that is something which we are waiting for eagerly.

Well, People, we have good news that after a long wait the 8th season is happening for sure and the creators of the series are more excited about this one.

The 7th season ended up with Don Draper meditating while the ad of Coca Cola which he created has been going on worldwide. The series is based on the advertising firm people of  Madison Avenue used to be called “Mad Men” back in the 60s.

Story and Other Facts

The storyline for the upcoming season is something that we don’t have any idea of about the story for the season as this was something which they haven’t announced it.

The cast is going to remain the same as there were plenty of plot holes that were left during the series. We don’t know when the series is about to release but it will release pretty soon.

The trailer is then again something which is not there for now but let’s just wait as season 8 is going to be one hell of a season.