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Mad Max Fury Road 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline and Upcoming News

Here’s another round of what we have all waited for. It’s back for the second time. Crashing the industry with its first part, now it’s all set for a renewal! 

It was given the title of one of the best movies to happen in the decade from The Warner Bros. And the demand for the sequel is increasing every day. 

Fans are going crazy over the renewal. But do you know what you really need to know? Here’s an article on the release date, cast, storyline and about all the upcoming news. 

Mad Max Fury Road Part 2: Release Date

Director, George Miller, currently working under his movie- three thousand years of longing have confirmed with the renewal. In an interview, he said how he wasn’t done with MAD MAX. There is definitely more to come! 

Miller, being the king of multitasking, may or may not be filming Part 2 soon. Or we might have to wait another few years I guess. 

However, the date of release has not been disclosed yet. So we will have to wait and watch for an official announcement. The film is in its early stages of production. The part 1 was an instant success and they want this to be too. 

Mad Max Fury Road Part 2: Cast

At the moment, information about the cast is fuzzy. However, the last part put Tom Hardy in an advantage. He got signed up for many movies after that. 

So we might make a wild guess of Tom Hardy’s return. But we only don’t know, when and how. The role of Furiosa, Charlize Theron, has also expressed the interest in wanting to return in part 2 as well. 

They both might or might not be coming for another part, but they expressed how happy and privileged they felt to be a part of the first one. 

Mad Max Fury Road Part 2: Trailer? 

Currently, there is no trailer so far. The production crew said how serious they are about the part 2. They want the fans to just wait because this can be a  game changer. 

The fans put up with a wild guess of the release of the trailer somewhere in 2022. That’s far, but maybe it’s worth waiting for. 

So watch out for updates from the crew themselves. Interviews questioned Tom Hardy on any information regarding the same. It seems, he doesn’t know it himself.

Mad Max Fury Road Part 2: Plot

We are not sure yet. However, the first part was all about humanity destroying civilization. The movie interpreted themes such as Feminism, solidarity , humanity and vengeance. It’s all about war. 

Watch out Here for More Updates!! 

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