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Mad Max Furiosa Prequel: Here Are All the Details of the Upcoming Movie

Mad Max: Fury Road lit a fire in everyone’s heart. The movie was appreciated by the fans at great length and received great reviews from the audience and critics.

Now, it is all set for a spin-off. George Miller stated that he is currently working on the casting for the movie. Since, it is not possible for face-to-face interactions right now, he is holding the interviews for the cast through skype.

The plot of Furiosa

The upcoming Mad Max spin-off will return with Charlize Theron’s character, Furiosa. There is a very high chance that she will not play the character this time around. The thing is that this spin-off might be about Furiosa’s past, how she used to be and the ways she used to survive in the wastelands.

Who will play the lead role?

We know that this movie will be a prequel to the incidents in Mad Max: Fury Road. Hence, we can conclude that Furiosa will be young.

George Miller has auditioned several people for the lead role but the only name that we know so far is Anya Taylor-Joy. She is recognised for playing very important roles in The Split, The Witch and Glass.

Is there a possible release date?

The filming for the prequel is expected to begin in 2021 according to George Miller. Due to COVID-19, everything has been very hard for him. Skype auditions are nobody’s preference but he has to work.

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There is no release date as of now but we can’t expect the movie to come out for a long time as of yet. Even if the filming begins in 2021, we won’t see the movie release before 2022 or maybe even 2023.

Since, you might be self-isolated right now, go ahead and watch Mad Max: Fury Road. It is an awesome movie to help you pass the time.

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