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Machine Gun Kelly and Noah Cyrus Spotted Holding Handing at Grammy Afterparty

Hollywood truly is a strange place. When someone is attached to this industry, he or she lays bare their personal lives. Once one becomes a celebrity, there’s very little to differentiate between profession and close door activities.

Thus in today’s world of paparazzi and internet, it is difficult to hide a relationship. Some such thing happened with Machine Gun Kelly and Noah Cyrus recently.

Where did Machine Gun Kelly and Noah Cyrus meet?

Machine Gun Kelly and Noah Cyrus are two popular faces in their respective fields. While Kelly is an American rapper Noah is an actor, songwriter and model. Both have admired each other’s which is evident from their mutual appreciation.

It all took place in the Grammy’s after-party. Scores of celebrities had gathered for the occasion, with popular music artists and movie stars just to name a few.However alleyes were on Noah when she was seen holding hands with Kelly. They weren’t shy to pose in front of the entrance cameras as well. This proved to be enough fact that both of them are in quite an open relationship with no intention of keeping it secret from the public.

Where Were They Seen Further?

Kelly and Noah appeared on each other’s shows numerous times following the Grammy incident. In a prime time show hosted by a large advertising firm, both of them appeared holding hands and sharing intimate romantic moments. They were also seen in many other parties hosted around the town.

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On the occasion of Noah’s birthday, Kelly posted an extremely cute picture of theirs together on Instagram. He captioned the post by writing “This is my favorite”. In hindsight, this might serve as adequate proof that these lovebirds are well and truly hitched.

Are Both Kelly and Noah Courting Their Relationship?

Both the stars have yet bot confirmed anything about their plans for getting engaged. Kelly was remarked saying that they are in a very comfortable dating phase. Both of them are enjoying this relationship and haven’t really thought about marriage. Noah was also heard echoing the same sentiments.

Kelly and Noah had both been involved in long term relationships previously, with each of them breaking up. However the news of this duo tying knot would really be great for their fans. In order to receive updates on a regular basis, stay tuned to our official website.