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Lunatics Season 2 Netflix Here the New Updates From This Comedy Series

Lunatics is a mockumentary comedy series, written and created by Chris Lilley. A very famous Australian Comedy Maestro, Chris Lilley can be seen portraying six different characters in Lunatics. As we are coming to the one year anniversary celebration of this show, here’s an update about the season 2 of Lunatics.

Renewal Status of Lunatics Season 2

The comedy web series, which released on the digital platform Netflix on April 2019 received a huge response. The first season released total of 10 episodes which were very well received by the audience. Lunatics still has to get an approval from Netflix for a second season.

The show was heavily criticised by the critics, as they thought of it very grotesque and the worst performance of Chris’ entire comedy career.
There’s a little hope for the closest fans as they have an (un)official information regarding the new season. In Ask Me Anything Reddit thread , a user said that he’s very excited for the arrival of Lunatics season 2. Well we don’t know whether that user was just presuming things or maybe a little Easter egg.

Chris’ Response on Season 2 of Lunatics

In an interview when asked about whether he’s preparing for a second run, Chris replied, “ Yeah same. So excited for the next installment of something… Can’t say right now but it’ll be good.” Hmm, could this be a little tease about the new Lunatics project or as some suggested, he’s talking about HBO’s show , Summer Heights season 2.

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