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Luke Sandoe Death Cause Pro Bodybuilder Dies at 30

Along with so many sad news in 2020 there comes one more news that famous body builder Luke Sandoe has lost his life at the very young age of 30. He was born on 3rd august 1989.  He spent 4 years to grow and rise in his field and he was growing too when all of a sudden God called him.

The community of bodybuilders is in opposition of shock right now because Luke Sanode has tragically passed away.

Who Was Sandoe ?

Sandoe was a bodybuilder who was Rising and he was becoming very famous in World. he was just 30 and he has spent four years into his career he was growing very much and he had accomplished so much. He got third position at the 2019 Arnold classic. He lost his life on Thursday morning and this is a very shocking and Massive news because he was really young.

Cause of Death

Along with this news, cause of his death has also been revealed. It has been known that Luke Sandoe has died because of heart failure.  He has left his entire body building community in shock as well as sadness. Although some of the news is probably saying that he has lost his life because of suicide but exact cause of his death has not been revealed. Also exact cause of his death has also not been exposed yet but we know that he died on Thursday morning.

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He left behind his two children name Louise and Leo. His fans, his family his loved ones and his body building community are currently shocked and are not in a position to give any comments on this.

This 2020 year has been considered a really bad one because so much of bad things have happened and are happening till now all over the globe. His family e is in so much shop currently and his beautiful children are really sad.