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Lucifer season 6 might be happening at Netflix . Will Netflix renew the Lucifer series ?

The series “Lucifer” is a united state TV series which has paved it’s way back to Netflix and will release in May 2020.

Cast of the series

This series is based on the comic characters , which is created by the Neil Gaiman , Sam kieth and Mike Dringenberg . The developer of the series is Tom Kapinos and the composers are Ben Decter , Jeff Russco  , Marco Beltrami , Dennis smith .

Alex katsnelson , Michael Azzolino , Erik Holmberg , Karen Gaviola are the producers of Lucifer and the production location of series is ‘Los Angeles’ California. Running timing of the episodes is approximately 45-55 minutes. Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Rachael Harris, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia, Tricia Helfer, Scarlett Estevez and Kevin Alejandro stars will be the stars  of the season 6.

About the season 6

After the three hit seasons of Lucifer Fox

cancelled the Lucifer series on 11 May 2018  and with in a one month Netflix picked up the series of Lucifer for the forth season full of 10 episodes . Netflix released the fourth season of Lucifer on 8 May 2019 . and continuously Netflix renewed the fifth season of the series full of 16 episodes released on 6 June 2019 . and the fans of Lucifer were beginning to accept that the fifth season of the Lucifer would be the final and last season of the series and its become true the fifth season of the series was the last season .

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But the movement and requests of the fans to trend on twitter and social media to make the another season of the series of Lucifer. Fans of Lucifer hardly pledged and broken up after they got to know that fifth season of the Lucifer is going to be last season of the series. After that Netflix giving us Part B of the season 5 of the series and now Netflix will have to either confirm a sixth season of Lucifer is coming soon. Now when Netflix confirm that the sixth season is coming soon , it looks like the fans of Lucifer got what they wanted . But now all of us want more drama and thriller and enjoyment.