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Lucifer Season 6, a Blast: Full of Doubts Over the Contract of Tom Ellis

“Lucifer”, This series is saved by fans again and again. No matter how many times this series get rejected. It comes back again and again. All thanks go to fans who are signing hundreds and thousands of petition of various websites to make sure that the series run a long run.

Lucifer Season 6: What’s Going On??

The series was first broadcasted by Fox but they cancelled it after 3 seasons but Netflix decided to take it and named it as a Netflix original. The series has now about 4 seasons and after which, Netflix also announced that after Season 5, it’s going to be stopped.

Then after the announcement, there were hundreds and thousands of fans crying out loud on the page of the series as well as Netflix about how much they loved the series.

So, now there are talks going about extending the tenure of Tom Ellis’s contract on the show but as we know that most of the members were out of their tenure limits. So, it will be something to look out for as we are going to see whether the contracts of others are going to be increased or not.

So, the cast for the 6th season is going to remain a big question and that’s for sure and with that, there is no way we can expect any trailer any soon. So, then again it’s a hell lot of waiting and being patient.

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The storyline could run according to the comics by Neil Gaiman as the characters were loosely based on his comics. So, that’s another mystery which needs to get resolved.

Lucifer Season 6: So, the Contract Extended or Not??

The fanbase of Lucifer is really something else as the although, the actors expected that the series is going to be famous but they were really not ready for all the love the fans are showering on them by giving the renewal for more seasons. The series is literally running by fans.