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Lucifer Season 5: Netflix Confirms That It Will Be The Last Season

Lucifer is a American television series that premiered its first season in 2016. It is based on a character from DC comics with Tom Ellis in the titular role.

The fans of the series have always been getting put off by the way the show has been cancelled in the past. After season 3, FOX network suddenly cancelled the show. After a massive uproar by the fans worldwide, Netflix decided to take it on and aired the season 4 in 2019. The reaction to the season was massive and it became number 1 out performing Game of Thrones too.

On May 7th, a day before releasing the 4th season, there was announcement of there being a season 5, but that it would be the series end. His was a very bittersweet moment for all the fans around the world.

Netflix has also released the names of the 14 episodes and the writer and director for those episodes. It is said o have a total of 16 episodes unlike the usual 10 as the previous season. Netflix is really going beyond its way to give the fans the finale they deserve. It is also confirmed that the final season will be split into two halves to increase the anticipation among its viewers.


The first half of season 5 is likely to release in the summer of 2020 which means very little time, and the wait will be over.

One disappointing fact is that the fans cannot expect another season, the show will not be revived again. The fans have petitioned again for a season 6 but the crew itself had informed that the story they were wanting to tell had a beginning, middle and an end and that the end was reaching. The makers asked the fans to enjoy the last season and not be in distress about the future of the show.

In February 2020, few reports have come where Netflix and Warner Bros was talking about taking Lucifer beyond 5, but it is still early stages and as far as the makers of the show have clarified, as of now they do not intend to make any more and that they have a fitting end to every character with season 5.

Let’s hope the season does not disappoint us and hope for a few more seasons if the talks are going in the positive direction.

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