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Lucifer Season 5 Leaks, Spoilers, Spilt and When Is Release Date Coming Out ?

Inarguably one of the most popular shows on Earth, Lucifer has been a completely new concept incorporated. Four seasons of this show has emphasized the conflict between good and evil. How Satan comes to Earth and decides to become an inhabitant of this planet, until the Devil comes calling. Season 5 of the show is supposed to be the last one. This piece of information is heartbreaking for many Lucifer fans all round the world. Here are some details about the finale season of this epic show.

Lucifer Season 5: Plot Details and Split

We saw Season 4 of the show end on a cliffhanger. Lucifer confronts his demonic counterparts in the office. He is forced to leave his LA existence after he gets to know of the terrible consequences of his staying on Earth. Demons who arrive tell him about the ancient prophecy of taking over the humans. However they ask Lucifer to join them in their bid. In order to protect fellow humanity, Lucifer sacrifices his demeanor and turns into the Devil himself. He proclaims himself as the King of the Devil’s while the other demons obey his command and leave.

At the end of the season Lucifer also gets to know that he has fallen in love with Chloe. Season 5 Plot would actually revolve around the aftermath of the consequences of these events. We can actually see a faceoff between Lucifer and the other demons from Hell. On a Kelly Clarkson show, makers of this show announced a very important detail. They said that the show will be split in two parts of 8 episodes each. First eight episodes will release on Netflix and there then would be a break. After that the rest eight episodes of the finale season will release.

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Lucifer Season 5: Cast Details

Majority of the core cast members will remain intact. They include Tom Ellis, Rachel Harris, Lauren German and D.B. Woodside. Other characters will be played by actors like Aimee Garcia and Lesley Ann Brandt. Dennis Haysbert will play the character of God.

Lucifer Season 5: Release Date

There is no confirmation as of yet about the exact release date of the show. However it will predominantly release sometime around May 2020. Last season also released around the same time.