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Lucifer Season 5: Air Date, Cast, Plot And All Single Details You Should Know

According to the cast, the new season of LUCIFER is going to be different with more twist than before.Probably,this will be the last season but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.This brand new season will be divided into two parts- with a small break after the release of each 8 episodes.The season will comprise a total of 16 episodes.


The difference in this season will be in the character of DENNIS who will play God .Opinions as based on last interview with the cast depicts that LILITH( the wife of EVE and the mother of MAZE) will make her appear in the season.Rest all remains a mystery!


According to the directors,the new season of LUCIFER will soon release in 2020,with no confirmed date of release so far!.The fans seem to hold their breath and waiting for this super season with utmost zeal.


In this season, we will see talented minds like TOM ELLIS,LAUREN GERMAN, RACHEAL HARRIS,AIMEE GARCIA,KEVIN ALEJANDRO and many more!

As according to the plot, this season will be more exciting and I’m sure this will be super fun.

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