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Love Island Season 6, Episode 30 to roll out

Love Island is a British dating reality series aired on ITV. The series is narrated by Iain Stirling and was being hosted by Caroline Flack until 2019. The task of hosting was shifted to Laura Whitmore in 2020. In even won a BAFTA Award for Best Reality and Constructed Factual Show in 2018.
In the show, a group of men and women participate in a series of tasks with a partner that they keep swapping in order to find the love of their life.

2020 Series of Love Island

It was announced that two series of Love Island will be released in 2020. One in winter and another in its usual.summer timing. The winter series started to be broadcasted on 12 January 2020.
For the winter edition of the show, the location is at the Midden Cottage, located in the “ultra-wealthy” Constantia suburb of Cape Town.
Throughout the series, the host drops in unannounced to deliver shock bends and surprise announcements that will test the relationships between the islanders. To keep living in their luxury paradise, contestants couple up and try to win the hearts of each other and the public, while creating their dominance for winning the £50,000 prize which in the end decides the face of who stays and who goes from the love island.

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Completion of 29 episodes

Episode 29 of the 6th series of Love Island was aired on 9 February 2020. As the stunning contestants engage in the twisted game of love, this another episode created a buzz. In between all the bonding and recoupling, some found their love growing stronger in this week’s episode. The return of some islander to the villa created new emotional storms. So what happens in the next episode with all this drama?

Episode 30 to be aired on 10 February 2020

The 30th episode of Love Island season 6 will be released on 10 February 2020. The twists in the previous episode have definitely paved the way to a lot more fun in this episode.  For a surprise, you may find Luke M and Natalia breaking up!

Love Island airs every weekday and weekends at 9 pm on ITV2. So for the UK users, if they have ITV subscription, they can watch the show live as well as previous episodes.

Also, the US viewers can watch the show, and the only option they have is Hulu. However, Hulu adds new episodes only on Saturdays so stay aware of spoilers!