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Love Island Australia Cast, Release Dated and Expected Plot

Love Island Australia is an Australian dating reality show as the name suggests. The show is based on the British show Love Island. The show first released in May 2018 and the second season released in October 2019.

Love Island Australia Release Date

The summer version of Love island was already canceled back in May because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The bosses at ITV networks had also revealed that they are unable to record the show for the same reason. So in the place of the new season of Love Island, the ITV networks are showing Love Island Australia which is the first series of the season. The Australian version was shot back in 2018 and it is being telecasted once again for the viewers in the UK. There is no on-demand option available for the show so the viewers will have to watch it when nightly as the show follows.

Love Island Australia Cast

Here is the starting cast lineup of Love Island Australia but there are going to be a total of 22 members as the series goes forward. Until now we only know a few and here are there names:

  • Kim Hartnett
  • Cassidy McGill
  • Erin Barnett
  • Millie Fuller
  • Natasha Cherie
  • Tayla Damir
  • Justin Lacko
  • Charlie Taylor
  • Eden Dally
  • Josh Moss
  • Grant Crapp

Love Island Australia Plot

A party of players, called Islanders who stay isolated from abroad in a [Fiji] villa, is always being video-surveyed. To live in the villa the Islanders have to be partnered with another islander for love, affection, and money, as they earn $50,000 for a complete winning couple. On the first day, the Islanders come together for the first time based on initial experiences, but they are forced to “rejoin” over the course of the series, where they can choose to stay with their new group.

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Any islander who is alone after the pairing is removed from the island and sunk. Islanders can be replaced by public vote since the public voting sequence via the Love Island app is accessible on their favorite couple’s smartphones or whom they think is most compatible. Couples with the least votes are at risk of being excluded.

There has often been a twist where the islanders have had to vote on one of their own off the island. Over the last week, the audience must vote, which pair will win the series and therefore collect $50,000 home. The winners can take all the money or share it between them but that still depends on the envelope they would open as we have seen in the first season. So if you still haven’t watched the show go and check it out on ITV.

You can catch the episodes of Love Island 2 on ITV at 9 pm nightly.