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Love is blind: A dating Show Will, there be a season 2 of this series

Love is Blind is a reality show on Netflix, this is a dating show, where contestants date each other without seeing one other face. The show started on 13 February 2020, a day before Valentine’s day. It follows the journey of a bunch of women and single men to impress them without seeing them and chasing for their genuine love.
As they are not allowed to see each other so, they will impress each other by talking to each other. The decision will be based on their talks, they must choose one woman they want to propose. It is a three-week series.

Will, there be a season 2 of this series:

As the show was started from 13 February 2020 so, it is too early to say anything about season 2. The first season of this show was produced by Kinetic Content. The first series of this show was filmed as far as back in October 2018. So, this means that the second one also takes some time to be released.

What will be the next episode on Netflix?

As it is a three-week series, and the five episodes of this series were previously released on Netflix this year on 13th February. Another set of episodes will be available on Netflix till 20th February.

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What Happened at the end of this series?

At the end of this season, all the couples will be at very distinctive grades of their relationship. while Some couples seemed to be going very smoothly, there was a little bit of drama and suspense for other couples.
While Carlton and Diamond were the first couples to leave this show, after an argument between them, they realized that they were not made for each other. So, wait and watch and enjoy the series.