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Love in the Forecast Cast and Where the Movie Was Filmed?

Hallmark movies have a way of making people feel in love. The movies that are solely based on love stories which have such sweet storylines and beautiful characters that even the coldest of hearts can come to shame.

The movie-making business of Hallmark can often be compared to storylines like The Notebook. Love, heartbreak, navigating through life are the main themes of these movies.
Any time one feels down, Hallmark is sure to bring you up. Even the cast is chosen carefully keeping in the visual aspect.

There are a plethora of Hallmark movies to talk about till the end of time. But today, I will be updating you on Love in the Forecast.

Love in the Forecast Cast

The one thing Hallmark movies are famous for are their secluded storylines. Most of the time, there are a maximum of five to six characters lifting the whole storyline. Even, in this film there are two official characters aka cast members. They are:

  • Cindy Busby as Leah Waddell
  • Christopher Russell as Mark

Where is Love in the Forecast filmed?

The movie has been filmed in Canada. More specifically it has been filmed in Vancouver in British Columbia.

What Is the Plot of Love in the Forecast?

The plot of this movie is just like all other Hallmark movies. Set in a small town with close to heart feels, this movie tries to capture the unpredictable nature of love.

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It revolves around a meteorologist Leah Waddell who becomes friends with her neighbor Mark. The handsome man living next door unintentionally teaches Leah the meaning of love and what it is like to be close to nature.

That’s all for today. If you haven’t watched the movie, do watch it as soon as possible.

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