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Love, Death & Robots Season 2 When Will Netflix Be Streaming The Show

Netflix own sci – fi anthology series titled ‘Love, Death and Robots’ created by Tim Miller and produced by David Fincher ; who’s the creative mind behind the successful mystery series ‘Mindhunter’ is coming back for another season. But as to when that’s going to happen will be everyone’s guess. Here’s every update regarding season 2 of the animated series, we know so far.

What is Love, Death and Robots all about?

Consisted of 18 short stories, all with unique animations, graphic and outwardly compelling storyline, the show gained it’s very own fanbase. It has been dubbed as ‘The Black Mirror of animation’. The story involves three robots that depict the problems that they face, just like a reality check we get to witness in The Black Mirror.

Love, Death & Robots Season 2 announcement

On June 10,2019 Netflix officially confirmed that the series will go for a second run. And the makers Tim Miller and David Fincher will be back again working for it. In addition to the second season, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who directed Kung Fu Panda 3, will be joining the team as a supervising director for the Season 2 of Love, Death and Robots.

Release Date of Love, Death & Robots Season 2

With the confirmation from Netflix regarding Season 2, there’s been no announcement as when the season will release. And according to some reports, there will be delay in the release date. The reason for this is that number of studios working on various episodes and the mammoth task of bringing it all together, requires lot of time and supervision, to make it come alive.

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So all we can say that the fans can expect the series to be dropped somewhere around early to mid 2021.