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Love 101 Season 1 : Get Ready to Drool Over as It’s Release Date, Plot, Cast and More Are out

Binge watching has become rather a compulsion than a choice under present circumstances. Restricted to home, millions of people around the world have tuned into Netflix to watch their favorite shows. With increasing variety of content, Netflix offers a wide range of shows that can be enjoyed wholeheartedly. With every passing week, it releases New series to keep the fans entertained.

Turkish Dramas on Netflix has always been well accepted by fans. This time though the streaming platform is releasing another Turkish web series, of a different genre.

Love 101 Season 1: What is the show about?

The show is primarily based on the story of a bunch of teenagers studying in a school. These 17 year olds are extremely moderate in their academics and tend to lag behind. Thus they find refuge in one of their teachers, who truly love them. She cares about them and gives special attention to all their needs.

News arrives that the teacher would now be transferred to some other school. In order to prevent this from happening the students plan a master stroke. They try to brew a relationship between their favorite teacher and their new basketball coach. Hardships they undergo to make these two fall in love, helps them realize what love truly stands for. Understanding the essence of caring for each other, becomes a trait they discover in the process. Bond between them grows stronger and they also get an idea of each other’s worth in individual lives.

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Love 101 Season 1 Cast Members of the Show

The main characters of the show are Karem, Kamel, Eda, Burcu and Sinan. Osman and Necdet are the supporting character names which also play in the pivotal role in the series. Established names in the Turkish movie industry like Kubilay Aka, Pinar Deniz and Alina Box are the actors who are casted in this roles. It will surely make them household names for the viewers who watch the show.

Love 101 Season 1 Release Date

Inspite of the ongoing pandemic crisis, the show will surface. Directors confirmed that the post production activities for the show are complete. Advertisement Activities will start with the release of the show scheduled on 24th April 2020. Hope the show lives upto the expectations that the fans have from it. To know more details please log onto our webpage.