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Log Horizon Season 3 Premiere Date, Cast and All the Upcoming Details About Season 3

Log Horizon is an anime series that has been in the hearts of many people. The series is adapted from a Japanese novel, which was then turned into a light novel series and manga series which eventually was adapted into an anime series. The whole journey of the Log Horizon series is beautiful and well appreciated by fans ; be it manga or anime. The Japanese novel was published in 2010 followed by an English translated version in 2015. Then the anime series of the novel came out in 2013 , succeeded by another season in 2014. Fans have been speculating for thrid season since then.

We have covered all the information regarding whether the anime series will be back for third season, it’s cast and the plot for the season third. Read to know more about it.

When Will the Third Season of Log Horizon Come Out?

The first season of the anime show was released in October 5, 2013 which was then followed by a second season in the following year 2014. Recently the makers of the anime show announced that the series will be back for a third run in October 2020. And with the announcement of an official release date, the also announced the title for season third as “Log Horizon : Fall of the Round Table”.

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Is There Trailer out for Log Horizon Season 3?

As of now, no trailer or poster have been released of season 3 by the makers.

Log Horizon Season 3 : Who Will Be in the Cast?

Most of the major cast from the previous season are going to be back this time. We will see Mike Yager as Shiroe, Joji Nakata as Nyanta , Emiri Kato as Akatsuki . We will also see Minori, Toya, Isuzu and Naotsugu this time. There are speculations that many new characters will enter this time.

Plot and Storyline in Log Horizon Season 3

As mentioned earlier, the third season is titled as ‘Fall of the Round Table’ which also happens to be the title of the 12th novel in the book series. So it is likely that the makers will follow the storyline from the novel. As seen in the last season, some outwordly villainous creatures tried to invade the world, known as Tenwazawai. Also the tension between will rise between East and West Empire and the Round Table alliance, who were made to bring peace in the Akiba.