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Log Horizon Season 3: Here’s Exciting Updates About This Season You Should Know More

Science Fiction Anime’s are always a rarity. Action packed gory animated series has always been their main portfolio. However when Log Horizon aired, the reaction of the fans were amazing.

They took this fiction in a very positive way with critical acclaim of the characters.
Ensuring faith in the public’s confidence, production team decided to make way for a third season of Log Horizon.

Plot of Log Horizon Season 3

Gamers gone rouge, is perhaps the best way to describe the storyline. They leave their mortal world and look out for experiments in the gaming world.

There they encounter frightening monsters created by them and overcome other challenges. However in season 3 they face the puzzling monster, Tenwazawai. This is their biggest hurdle till date.

The realms are coming together to form an alliance. Easy and West Horizons are also coming to aid. All this is done to ensure safety, peace and prosperity of Akiba.

Release Date of Log Horizon Season 3

Completion of writing the stories are critical for these types of shows. It is expected that the source material will be complete within this year.

Thus the series will release around late October 2020. Anime Fans are extremely eager to enjoy the essence of this show.

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