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Locke and Key Season 2 : All Update and Premiere Date, Cast and More Details You Should Know

Well, It looks like Locke and Key are really going to have a second season for sure and the reason why we are so sure about it is the fact that the Carlton Cruse has shared the updates on the works of writing and filming the second season.

What’s This All About?

The series is a supernatural horror series with tons of magic and other world creatures are there. Things which you see in the movie, far better than that and the most important aspect of the series is the thrill it provides whenever we were able to know even the smallest possible detail.

The series is based upon the graphic novels of the same name which was created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The story revolves around three lock siblings who are staying with their mother in a house full of keys which can unlock a lot of other doors which have something magical and things which you imagine your dreams.

So, the series is like “Chronicles of Narnia” but with a whole lot of doors and worlds which are different from each other in their own perspectives.

The siblings are quite interesting in their own way as they were able to work through all these mysterious creatures who are just hounding over them were being avoided by them so far.

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What About the Updates on the Season

The release date is still not there which means need to wait for a little longer to know the upcoming date and since Netflix has announced that the series is renewed, We don’t need to worry about anything.

The trailer is still not there which is obvious as the filming is not done and with this time of crisis it’s going to take a lot of time to make it work.

Other than that, The cast is also going to remain the same as there were no incidents faced by the cast members till day. So, be patient for the time being.