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Lockdown Measures to Be Eased for the Upliftment of Economy: Foreign Secretary Forewarns the Government

Coronavirus has made the entire world come to a standstill. Economics is at its bottom, Socio Cultural aspects are almost nil. Since the spread of the virus from an animal market in Wuhan, in December, countries have been in a lockdown. Britain has undoubtedly been one of the worst affected states with over 20000 deaths. United Kingdom has been in a lockdown for 6 months. Higher authorities are still unsure about the threats that will be posed after lifting the lockdown. Travel restrictions has necessitated that people stay at home and restrict their outgoing activities.

Recent interviews confirmed that the British higher authorities are still apprehensive about the lifting of lockdown. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has denied any confirmation about the lifting of lockdown.

What Has the Foreign Secretary Said?

Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary has been in the office after Boris Johnson’s hiatus. Boris was affected with Coronavirus and has since then been in isolation. In recent interviews Dominic was asked whether they are planning to lift the lockdown restrictions in a short span of time. He confirmed that institutions are still not properly set.

There is acute shortage of medical professional facilities in the state. The number of Corona impacted people are increasing day by day. Beds are at a real shortage at this time of the virus spread. Thus there is very less chance that the lockdown restrictions will be lifted. Each and every step would be taken with extreme precaution considering the Socio economic and cultural scenario in mind.

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What Will Be the Consequences If the Lockdown Is Lifted?

Foreign Secretary confirmed that there is an imminent threat of a second spike in the spread of infection. The World Health Organization has confirmed that the virus may return in the month of November and December. Thus in spite of repeated pressure from union leaders and businessman, lockdown cannot be lifted. Dominic also said that they are acting according to the instructions and guidelines issued by the health organization.

So When Can the Lockdown Be Lifted?

At this point, there is absolutely no surety about when the lockdown will be lifted. Although economic benefits are going for a toss, the health and safety of the citizens are of primary importance. Government will act as per the requirement of the citizens and considering their health and well being in mind.