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Lockdown in France Expected to Last Into Next Month

Today the whole world is working tirelessly to find a vaccine for coronavirus but it is a time taking process and experts have told that it would be available only by next year. So with no vaccine available, the best way to fight coronavirus is social distancing which can be imposed only by the lockdown. Lockdown is being used by many countries to combat coronavirus and it had proved to be very effective also in countries where it was followed strictly. Keeping this in min France government has decided to increase the lockdown by 1 month.

What did France government announce:

President Emmanuel Macron on April 13 gave his third prime-time televised address to the nation on the coronavirus epidemic. In his address, he announced that the nationwide lockdown would be extended till May 11 across the country in order to stop the virus from spreading further. He also told about the things that will change after May 11 and about those which would not. He also defended his government against the criticism by saying that France was underprepared before the pandemic hit.

He assured that many sectors of the economy will go back to work from May 11. He announced that the schools and kindergartens will re-open after May 11. The restriction on public gatherings and bars and restaurants will continue as it is. He said that ” We were not enough prepared. But we confronted the situation. In France like anywhere else, we had to handle emergencies, make difficult decisions, based on partial, often changing information, and always adapt.”

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Public Mistrust for the France Government:

There is increasing mistrust between the people of France and the government as a month ago President told the country that the lockdown was not necessary and reversed his statement and imposed lockdown across the country.

The government has faced the accusation that it dismissed the use of face mask in public. The government had ordered the production of less protective mask for the general public who are not involved in health care services.