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Little Richard Tutti Frutti Death Cause Dies at 87

The world of music has been graced with the presence of a long list of illuminators. Some of them truly have made a name for themselves. Modern day singing can be contributed to the styles brought in by Elvis Presley, Bonny M and Rolling Stones. But long before any of these stars ever came to the forefront, there was one who made Rock and Roll the most sought after genre in music. Many of you won’t know him now, but he truly was a pioneer. Little Richard passed away at the age of 87.

Death of Little Richard

Richard Penniman aka Little Richard was born in Georgia. He was truly the man who started the wave of rock and roll in the 1940’s. Following his footsteps many others like Nick Jagger and Elvis Presley would make it big in music. For the last few years he was suffering from bad hips and stroke problem. Danny Penniman, his son confirmed about his death. Agent Dick said that for the last few years Richard was having a hard time with his health. But inherently a tough man, he would not delve much deep into it. Ultimately it was bone cancer that got to him and took his precious life. We all feel a little saddened with the passing away of this visionary.

and Controversies

Little Richard started his music career in the 1940’s with the Victor Records. But that did not garner him much recognition. It was only after joining Specialty Records in 1950’s that he truly became a true sensation in the world of Music. His 1955 single Tutti Frutti became one of the greatest songs ever made. It basically talked about anal sex and the pleasure associated with it. Although it was lambasted by some corners, it made others inspire to do music. Elvis Presley referred to him as his greatest inspiration.

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Other songs which truly hogged the limelight for him was Good Holly etc. His sexuality had always been a topic of discussion in the media those days. Richard was accused of voyeurism and allowing people to have sex in his car while watching them. His sexual preferences were not really clear as he confessed himself to be omnisexual. The pose of him sitting on a piano with mascara and a pompadour hairstyle was one of the striking images of music during those times. His cultural influence and style of music motivated many to the thought of making a different form of music.

Change in his lifestyle and Tributes for him

Somewhere around 1960’s he noticed a Sputnik Satellite in the sky and took it for God’s message to change his lifestyle. Richard went into hibernation for some time and then again returned with an invigorating style of his music. He was arrested twice for major cases of lewd conduct. After his death tributes have come in from the greatest of musicians in the last century. Many have admitted him to be their heroes and inspiration behind their urge to make music.