List of 5 Dwayne Johnson Movies to Watch on Netflix

Dwayne Johnson has become a popular actor from the WWE fighter’s background. Now he is the world’s highest-paid actor and popularly known as The Rock. Because of his down to earth and inspiring positive attitude, he is like by other Hollywood stars as well as by his fans.
After making a successful career in WWE, he tried his best to be a famous actor, and he has successfully done acting in tones of Hollywood films. The best movies of Johnson’s must be streamed online and is available on Netflix.

The list of five movies of Dwayne Johnson on Netflix

Empire State

This movie of Johnson was released in the year 2012 and is now available on Netflix. This was one of the blockbuster films of that time. The Rock was starred in this Hollywood hit, as he played the role of a Detective James Ransome whose job was to stop his two childhood friends from robbing the car. However, the other casts in this movie were Liam Hemsworth, Jerry Ferrera, and Emma Roberts. This is the movie based on a thrilling crime theme.


This movie was Box’s office hit of the year 2005; this movie was adopted on the video game while this movie is much perfect in cinematography, and it brings a story about the life of a shooter. Johnson, in this movie, played the role of an action hero with him other casts where Ben Daniels, Debbie Oparei, and others.

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Fast five and Fast & Furious 6,

The film was released in the year 2013 in which The Rock was seen in the role of action hero doing many stunts like in movie he is seen jumping over many cars and performing many dangerous stunts.

Pain & Gain

The Movie was released in the year 2013, and this was the most successful gaining movie of his life. In this movie, Johnson is seen in the role of Bodybuilders who are indulged in illegal activities like kidnapping, and because of his lousy circle, he is arrested.

Gridiron Gang

The movie was released in the year 2006 in which The Rock has become popular because of his best-played role as the action hero. While this film is a comedy and a little bit of serious drama but also Johnson’s action role has made the film thriller.