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Lisa Marie Presley’s Net Worth Is Quite Good Enough in 2020

Lisa Marie Presley is having a difficult time to tide over her expenses. Yes you read that correctly, she is having difficulty. That sounds strange for someone who adopts the surname Presley by the virtue of her birth. But the ground reality of the story is completely opposite of something that you can imagine for her. Since the death of her father, Lisa who was his only heir had inherited a lot of wealth from her father. But wrong investments and wilfully spending away all the money has cost her dear to this point of time.

Who is Lisa Marie Presley?

Lisa Marie Presley is the only daughter of Rock and Roll legend Elvis Presley. She is a singer and songwriter with about three studio albums. In 2012, she released her last studio album and named it Storm and Grace. Two of her albums have attained the Gold status but she is primarily famous for her surname. In addition to this, she has also been praised by music critics all over the world over her incisive lyrics which resonate with the writing style of his late father. At the age of 9, Lisa had inherited the property of Elvis, which was valued at around $100 million. Over the years, the value of her estate increased manifold and it became almost $295 million. She then sold 85% of her father’s estate and his private belongings on an Estate sale and became the sole owner of the rest of the property.

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What Led to Her Decline in Health?

Over the years overspending has become her curse. She has accused her manager of coercing her into not so fruitful investments like the American Idol where she invested almost $100 million. Her manager on the other hand has blamed her for her losses. In addition to that, she became completely bankrupt after a divorce lawsuit was filed against her on her fourth divorce. Her credit card companies have dissociated with her and she has sold all her belongings to tide over her ever-increasing debt burden to this point.

Current Net Worth

Lisa Marie Presley’s current Net worth is around $-16 million. In the current year, she has also suffered a deep personal loss. She has lost her son Benjamin Keough who committed suicide recently through a self-inflicted gunshot.