Lili Reinhart cried in a video as Her Dog Milo Was Attacked During a Walk

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart shared a sad update about her sweet sweet tiny pup Milo. The 23-year-old beauty was seen crying on several Instagram live video where she told everyone about the horrifying event when her dog was badly hurt by another dog who attacked him. She started the video by saying that she doesn’t know why she is making the video and telling everyone about the incident but the video is for everyone who cares about her tiny pup Milo. In the video, she had wet hair and was wearing a mustard yellow sweatshirt.

Lili Reinhart and her pet were out for a walk but on the way, her dog was attacked by a dog and her pet was seriously injured. She told that her pet has undergone surgery and is on road to recovery. Her words were like this “Um, I was taking him out today to get some exercise. I had a mask and gloves on so don’t start with me about that. But he was attacked by another dog…and it was um, pretty bad”. During the whole video, she was crying and was choking back her tears.

Milo was immediately rushed to the animal hospital where he is undergoing surgery. The dog had a deep wound in his neck and she told that it was horrifying to see him in such a condition. She asked all her well-wishers and fans to keep Milo in their thoughts and prayers and said she will update everyone with his condition. Milo is an important part of Lili’s life and is with her from the time when she announced on Instagram that she had brought the tiny pup home.

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Milo has appeared in many of the Instagram post uploaded by the Riverdale star in February which shows the strong bond she has with him. She captioned the recent photo posted by her with Milo as “Quarantine family portrait” which shows how close is Milo to her heart. All her fans flooded her IG with love and prayer for the sweet little puppy.