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Liam Hemsworth Girlfriend and Net Worth All You Need to Know

Hollywood actors are known to become the owners of great fortune in a very short period of time. This a business where fame can be difficult to achieve. But once you achieve it that helps you reap the rewards for a lifetime. Thus it quite the proof for the hefty amount of money which the actors earn on a daily basis. Liam Hemsworth would definitely be one of those promising actors who has earned a fortune.

Notable Works

Liam most notably started out in the Australian TV show Neighbors before he got into movies. His looks and tall figure was a perfect fit for the roles he would go on to play. The first big break that he got was in Hunger Games as Gale Hawthorne. He acted alongside Jennifer Lawrence in one of the biggest movie franchises ever. There he played a pivotal character in the movie Hunger Games Mockingjay. His camaraderie with Lawrence has always been a topic of great discussion. Then he went on to star in another huge movie franchise The Expendables. He played the role of a fearless soldier in Expendables 2, whose death Barney and his team would avenge. Acting alongside legends like Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger was a true career highlight for him.

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Net Worth and Relationship with Miley Cyrus

According to reports Liam’s Net Worth was calculated to be somewhere around $16 million. He started dating teenage pop sensation Miley Cyrus and later married her. It was estimated that the combined net worth of the pair was around $176 million. However both Liam and Miley have opted for a mutual divorce. They are currently undergoing the procedures of the divorce.

New Girlfriend

After having a divorce with Cyrus, the 29 year old actor is dating Maddison Brown. This blonde 22 year old actress has relative experience in the film industry. She moved into the city of New York when she was around 16 years old. Currently both Liam and Brown are seeing each other which they declared publicly. They have also been seen together in many other events.