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Lia Marie Johnson Is Being Exploited..is It True? Everything We Know So Far

In October 2016 a song of lia Marie came out named as DNA, this song was about a little girl who see’s parents having a fight in the kitchen and father is drunk. This song is seem to be based on the Lia’s real life experience as said that her father was also alcoholic. The lyrics of the song which was clarifying it was ” I won’t be ,no I won’t be like you. Fighting back I’m fighting back the truth. Eyes like yours can’t look away but you can’t stop DNA “. After that video people guessed it that it was her cry for the help as she was changing and going more toxic through her Instagram posts.

What made her more different than before. 

She had a breakup with her boyfriend which might be her limit of holding up as she loosed control of her life. In a Instagram video she mentioned that she met a women who don’t know Lia and starts crying but soon starts laughing as she’s going mad. She mentions that she’s not high on drugs she’s like this today because her boyfriend broke up with her saying that she’s crazy. She also says that she going to look for other drugs now. Many fans mentioned that she was in a toxic relationship.

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How did it get clear that she’s lost completely

Between her breakup and the another live stream she made on Instagram in January 2020 ,there were also many weird behaviors of her seen. But the January live stream was huge. In that stream she was seen in a studio and some old man was with her. The old man graps her and start kissing her and took her away from camera for a really long time. She appears back on the stream and says ” Omg I need more wine” After that she also mentioned that ” No one can save her” And starts laughing . The old man was considered as Steven wetherbee who worked with Lia since she was 12. He’s 67 year old and photographer and producer by profession. He soon notices that she’s live and snatches her phone and the stream ends there.  She also appear for another stream asking people not to call Police to help her as people got worried about her, Steven in the background was asking her to stop live stream and said his future can be on risk. He soon deleted his social media, so it cleared it was him. His face was also seen in the first live stream .