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Letty Ortiz in Fast Saga Dead and Ressurected

Letty Ortiz is definitely one of the most noticed persona in the fast saga. She is one of the longest running character in the series. She will be back on the Fast and Furious 9 with Dominic and Mia. All these three were in the debut movie of the franchise.
Letty is also famouse for her death and return from the dead.

Letty Ortiz’s Journey in the Fast Saga.

Letty Ortiz is introduced in The Fast And The Furious as Dom’s childhood girlfriend. Letty is also in the Automobiles just like Dom. She is shows as his wife. Her character developed to be hesitant about the the car robbery .

In the plot of the Fast Saga, Letty is famous about her deaths and ressurection . In fast and Furious Dom leaves her behind to protect her from the police only to be informed by his sister about her murder. Actually she is not dead but working as an undercover to catch the drug dealer Arturo Barga.
Dom tries to find out the reason behind her supposed death and moves back to Los Angeles. Meanwhile she works as undercover agent to clear out the Dom’s name.

This mission meets an end when she is killed by Braga’s right hand. When everyone seemed to believe it was her end, in the end credits scene Monica reveled Letty being alive to Luke Hobbs.

In F6 Letty was seen working for Owner Shaw. Owner Shaw is the movie’s primary villain. Owen recruited jetty after he found her in nearly death condition in an hospital after Braga’s attempt to kill her. Though she survived the attack, she suffers from amnesia now and that is the reason of her being in Owen’s team.

Letty, having lost her previous memories work for owen and has no objections to follow his orders. When Dom gets to know about her being alive is the time they both engage in a fierce car race. That car race ends in Dom saving Letty and she comes back to join her friends leaving Owen’s company.

The film revolves around her journey to be back in her old life and struggling with it due to her broken memory.

Letty and Dom has been shown to live a perfect normal and domestic life in the trailer of Fast and Furious 9

Fast saga is the franchise by Universal pictures and created by Gary Scott Thompson.

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