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Let’s Go Crazy Prince Tribute by His Melodious Music

After the prince’s 1984 opening soundtrack from the Purple song rain, an amazing let’s go crazy. In essence, a grammy salute to the prince has made its presence on air on 21 April 2020 for paying tribute to the legend in the memory of his 4th death anniversary. The show was on air at 8 pm

The night was fantastic with exciting performance, and the title suits the night as according the title is let’s go crazy…so everybody has gone mad with the passage of the time after some time singer Miguel Jontel Pimentel joins the stage and has made everyone crazy with his sexy and hottest dance steps and his mesmerizing voice.

Let’s Go Crazy: A Grammy Salute To Prince’: After Miguel’s made his sexy moves on the stage, fans are saying that he is the only one for star’s biopic.

What do the tweets say?

There are several tweets about the singer Miguel all over the internet. Some tweets read: “Amazing!, we need those dance moves and outfits”…the audience just wanted to see Miguel and his dance moves, they all have gone so crazy for him that they could even die for him.

Many want Miguel to be the only one to play the prince in the biopic. Many of them are imagining that Miguel could be a great prince.

What do we know about the show so far:

Let’s Go Crazy: A Grammy Salute To the prince, the show started from two Grammy-winning artists performing the iconic song Prince and the revolution. The audience had a great urge to listen to the song by Miguel.!! H.E.R. and Gary Clark Jr also played an essential role in making the song successful. They just pull out the soul of the song and then finally John legend came to the stage and sang ‘Nothing compares to you’.

It was a great night for everyone, and nothing is comparable to this.

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