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Lemon Juice Tea Cure Coronavirus ? Is This Is True News

Coronavirus is currently the main topic of discussion all over the world. It started in Wuhan city of China. It was an outbreak and soon converted into an epidemic and now into a pandemic as we all know that COVID-19 is becoming uncontrollable day by day. So various kinds of news, video messages articles are emerging, claiming the remedies provided in their videos and articles can cure coronavirus.

In view of the critical situation of the country, our prime minister Narendra Modi has announced the 21 days lockdown so that coronavirus can be contained.

So everyone sitting at home is surfing the internet and sharing all the information’s regarding coronavirus, it’s a cure to their family, friends, and relatives all over the social networking platforms. But everything we see is not true. Some are rumors also. So it has become essential to cross-check the information with the correct source before following it.

Can Taking Lemon Tea, Juice Do Wonders? 

Many people believe that taking a certain type of diet will keep them away from coronavirus. Like taking lemon tea juice will keep the coronavirus away? Is this true?

According to our medical experts, these all are just myths. These will just only increase the immunity of the person as vitamin -c always helps in developing immunity within the body. Still, there is no confirmation regarding the fact that the person will not be affected by the coronavirus. Developing immunity is a good thing, and it would be helpful, but trusting that certain kinds of diet can cure coronavirus blindly can make blunders.

Doctors Suggestions:

Some items are suggested by doctors that can be helpful during the coronavirus crisis like intake of giloy juice can increase the respiratory strength. As patients suffering from coronavirus are having major respiratory issues, so if we have good respiratory power, then it would be beneficial for us only. Even taking turmeric with milk and taking Amla juice will also be good for our body.

So keeping yourself up to date is a good thing, but trusting everything written over the internet blindly is not good.

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