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League of Legends Volibear Rework and Release Date Information

Online Multiplayer games have always been a space of joy for the gamers. With action packed thrillers like Counter Strike and Battlefield, online gaming on servers is so fascinating. Strategy again is one such genre which has also incorporated online server play. With games like DOTA and League of Legends, you can dive into the world of mystery. Android games nowadays too has improved so much that Clash of Clans like games are also massively popular. So today we are going to talk about the League of Legends and it’s massive new update on Volibear.

League of Legends: About the Game

League of Legends is a fascinating online multiplayer strategy game. Here the main objective is waging war and capturing the lands of the enemy. You can play by forming an alliance and a clan. Then you would have to attack the base camp of the enemy. Your main objective is to destroy the enemy towers and establish dominance over their lands. Each and every individual player can choose the character or the champion they want to play as. The champion has special powers and abilities which is different for each individual characters. As the champions spend more time in the combat, their effectiveness to strike increases.

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League of Legends: Volibear Rework

With the new version of the game arriving there has been massive updates with the Champion Volibear. It will be a perfect balance between a Juggernaut and a Vanguard character. It’s main objective will be to endure the battle and distract the enemy while team fight. Volibear big weapon is to lock in on one particular opponent and have a vicious targeted bite at him. This feature will be kept intact. Apart from this the other necessary features of the champion will be enhanced.

This would make the character render lightning chain and ramping up or increasing attacking speed. Close combat attacks from the Volibear will thus be much more effective. The update is slated to arrive early. Promises are that it will not take as much time to develop it as Fiddlesticks.

League of Legends: Release Date

It is universally informed that the updated version with Volibear rework will release on 28th May 2020 for live stream. However if you want to access the game on PBE it will be available from 12th May 2020.