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Lauren London shows her love for Nipsey Hussle on his 1st death Anniversary

Lauren London has shared a heartfelt post for her late beloved Nipsey Hussle on her first death anniversary. She took to Instagram on Monday evening, last on same day Hussle was unfortunately shot to death. She shared her memorable picture of his and in a post she tribute him.

She shows her pain by post that that time is deceptive since a year he left this world the pain losing him is heavy. And she misses him a lot that she can go beyond and thing and she could give her everything to bring him back.
She also said that the prayers kept her together and the kids are strong as they keep her going. Sharing her heartfelt note she has also shared the picture of her loving kids, the three-year-old son Kross and a ten-year-old son Camerson. These kids are from her previous relationship with Li Wayne.
She wrote in her post that Hussle was her teacher who has always taught her to stay strong and to never give up, just to face a tough time. She recalled her late-night conversation. And she always felt like he is with her even he has left these worlds a year ago. u can check here the post which Lauren London has done on his Instagram,

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Time is deceptive It’s been a year since you transitioned The pain is as heavy today as it was a year ago God knows I would give anything to see you again I didn’t think I was going to survive a second of any of this Prayers have kept me together The kids keep me going and Gods Grace and Mercy have carried me this far As today makes a year I stand strong because of you Because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way Because I recall every late night conversation we had about resilience and fear Because you were my greatest teacher and because you are still with us, in spirit With every breath i take I honor you I carry this pain with purpose I promise I will make you proud I promise to apply everything you taught me In life and in death Ermias Asghedom There will never be another Until we are together again…. I love you beyond human understanding ( but you know that already)🏁

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In her post, she promised to carry all the memories forever but those memories please her pain. She promised to make him proud. She will never forget to apply all his lessons in her life.

Hussle was shot dead in an unfortunate firing on 31st March last year. He was shot outside of his clothing store in South Los Angeles. His burial was laid in last April, then the burial was placed one day after his family and friends were gathered.
In his recollections, his friends and fellow stars like Snoop Dogg and Stevie Wonder performed and addressed with an emotional speech, as everyone included his fans were mourned

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