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Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman says casino should reopen now

The Mayor of Las Vegas on Wednesday came up with a comment that she is being criticised for. She made this comment during her interview with CNN. She said that all the restaurants, hotels and casinos should be opened in the city. During the time when in the whole world only the necessary services are allowed to operate her comment was condemned by many people. She also gave her logic behind her view of opening the casinoes and restaurants, according to her it would lead to competition and finally, the competition will determine which of them are safest to visit and then the establishments with the most number of cases of infection should be forced to close down.

What does Carolyn Goodman say:

In a 25-minute interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, she said that she wants everything to be opened. According to her viruses have affected people before also and it is a time that the people of Las Vegas will act as “a control group” and the restriction on the city should be removed to see how these relaxations will affect the city. Goodman from the beginning is opposing the decision of Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s to shut down casinos and nonessential businesses saying that it will kill Las Vegas.

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She said casinoes should reopen but she did not offer any guidelines related to social distancing by saying that it depends on the casinoes owner and they should decide about it. She dismissed the Chinese study that shows that the coronavirus can spread in a restaurant by saying that “This isn’t China, this is Las Vegas, Nevada.”

What was the reaction of her comment:

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak has condemned Goodman’s statement by saying that he knows the harm the lockdown is causing to the economy but according to him saving lives is more important. Las Vegas City Councilman Brian Knudsen said that Goodman does not speak for everyone and opening lockdown now will make the situation worse and is against the advice of medical experts. Justin Jones, a Democrat went a level up and called Goodman “an embarrassment” and his colleague Michael Naft called the remark dangerous and baseless.