Lara Trump’s Cute Video With Her Son, Posted on Instagram Yesterday

Lara Trump is a well known personality in politics not because she’s a politician but because she’s the daughter in law of current American president Donald Trump. She’s not only the daughter in law but she’s also the campaign advisor to President Trump. She participates and handles rallys and political programs with Trump. She was a skilled pastry chef and fitness trainee along with a very known Television producer . But soon after realising that she’s going to marry Eric,  the son of President Trump she decided to join in with family into the politics and help Trump. As the Eric is taking care of family business which is passed to him as an asset of fourth generation in the same business with sister Ivanka.

The recent video on Lara’s Instagram is really cute to handle about Trump family

Even though she’s in the Trump family but she’s really appreciated by people as she’s had done many things to warm people’s heart like she’s an advocate for animals and even adopted two street dogs and made president Trump to adopt dong too.

Recently she posted a video of herself holding her son who is 3 years old in her studio and talking to him about his did at school, she asks her about what he did and did they stop at the Starbucks for something. The person who made the video is considered as Eric spoke that they got ice creams. And after this Lara gives a mature talk but in a very cute as ” Now Mr you won’t ever have a lunch after eating ice cream ” As she scold her song sweetly she says I love you to her son and he responds in ai cute way that I love you mamma, was too much lovely to handle. The post got 87k likes and 530 comments in Q day.

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