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La Casa De Papel “Money Heist Season 4” Trailer Is Out On Youtube And Here We Have A Release Date For Fan’s

Money Heist is a Spanish television series based on the crime drama and thriller. The series is created by Alex Pina. The first season of the series is released on the 2nd of May in 2017 and run till the 23rd of November in 2017 on Netflix.

The second part was released on the 6th of April in 2018 and the third was released on the 19th of July in 2019 and part 4 is going to be released on the 3rd of April in 2020.

The first season is consisting of 15 episodes, the second season is 16 episodes, the third season is of 8 episodes and the fourth part is also going to be 8 episode series.

The executive producers of the series are Alex Pina, Sonia Martinez, Jesus Colmenar, and some others.

Money heist part 4 is going to release on Netflix on the 3rd of April in 2020, in this article you will find everything that you will want to know about the 4th part of the series, the trailer, the cast, story plot and also further details!!

What about the trailer of the 4th season of the series Money heist?


The trailer of the 4th part of series had released on 5th March 5, 2020, and if you are also very excited for seeing the first look of the series and not seen the trailer yet.

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So just go and check it out on your Netflix account and surely you will love it.

When will season 4 of the series money heist is going to release?

The official and final releasing dates have been confirmed by the creators of the series and by Netflix.

So if you are searching for the fourth season of the series then I have to tell you that the season 4 of the money heist is going to release on 3rd April 2020 on your Netflix account. The story of part 4 is continued from part 3.

What are the expectations from season 4 of the series money heist?

If you had seen the all further part released part of the series then you will surely guess the fourth part easily.

The upcoming 4th season is going to be continued from the last released season and that is season 3rd.

Will the upcoming season is the final season of the series?

There are some rumors that the fourth season is going to be last season of the series and there also some rumors that the fifth part is still is made.

As nothing is confirmed so it is also possible that the story is going to end and it is also possible that we will see the fifth season also.