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Kylie Jenner Tweeted on Twitter How Misinformation Is There About Her Wealth

Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire as once listed by Forbes on the list of youngest billionaires, has come up with a tweet to criticize Forbes. The youngest self-made billionaire is removed from the Forbes list. Recently the reputed magazine brought our an article named, “Kylie Jenner’s Web of Lies”.

Forbes reported that she and her mother had inflated the revenue of Kylie Cosmetics over the last few years by forging the documents to forces. 

Forbes had found out a huge amount of discrepancies between the information shared with the journalists and those shared with the shareholders. On asking for comment on the issue the family of Kylie did not answer. The Forbes reporters took some months to retrieve the hidden facts.

A series of reaction follows from Kylie

Kylie was quick enough to react to the published report by Forbes through a series of tweets on her official Twitter handle. 

She was amazed at first looking up at the facts made by Forbes and she surely lost her cool for the reputable site. The facts stated by them are inaccurate and unproven as she added. She was further astonished by the fact that Forbes declared the reports are fake and forged. 

Later on, she added that she is blessed beyond her years and she has a beautiful daughter in addition to a nice and successful business and she is perfectly fine with it. Retweeting to a follower she even confirmed that this is the last thing that she worried about during this pandemic and there are many other important things to talk about at the moment.

While there was some criticism from her fans, who pointed out that her opinion in the matte is unnecessary and they simply don’t care about it. 

Kylie showed her support on Black Lives Matter

The 22-year-old showed her support to George Floyd who died a tragic death begging for his life. She took to her Instagram and shared a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. and wrote a long caption about the incident saying that of the two ongoing pandemics in the country racism is one of them. 

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