Kunal Kamra roasted Carryminati and the video crosses 1 million views in 9 hours

The Youtube vs TikTok duel started a while ago and was popularised when Indian roaster Carryminati, roasted TikTok creator Amir Siddiqui. The video was the most liked Youtube video by a single Indian Youtuber. But Youtube India removed the video after a day on the backgrounds of cyberbullying. Since then there has been a lot of trending memes and funny videos related to Youtube vs TikTok. 

We even saw Tiktok ratings falling to an all-time of 1.2 on the Google play store which was the result of Youtube vs Tiktok roast video by Carryminati getting banned because of cyberbullying issues.

Kunal Kamra’s Roast video of Carryminati

Recently, Indian Standup Comedian Kunal Kamra joined in, and released a video titled, “Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye!”. He tried to roast Carryminati.

Here is the video:


The video featured a lot of animation and visual effects. He was seen saying how Carryminati is the opposite of intellectuals and that he used excessive slangs in the name of roasting. He said that Carry did not know how to make jokes and he makes fun of the poor and always asks for likes.

The video easily crossed 1 million views in 9 hours, that’s because the topic has been trending for the past couple of weeks. 

The 11-minute video has 183K likes and 611K dislikes, as of writing this story. The reason must be the fans of Carryminati.

The reason why Kamra roasted Carry

While there is no reason for the roast, it might be that Kunal Kamra is just poking fun at young Youtube in his style. Or was he just trying to teach him that roast video could be made without slangs every time.

We don’t understand why Kamra will do what he did when Carryminati was taking a stand for the Youtubers out there. Even Kamra’s video is released on youtube which he also shared on his Twitter account. He captioned it saying that he has hit a new low in his career.

It would be interesting to see if Carryminati responds to Kunal Kamra now that the roaster has been roaster by a comedian. Kunal Kamra has successfully managed to light up the controversy again, given the fact that it was dying down after what happened. 

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