Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard Making a Great Statement for Not Disclosing Their Daughters Face. Fans Took Them as One of the Best Parents in Hollywood

Who don’t like fame and attention. Few stars who wants their kids to be the future stars pays fir their promotion at the early age. But there are some parents like Kristen and dax who want to give their child a peaceful life and let them decide if they want to fave media Or not.

Whats the Great Love Story of Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard

The couple first met in a dinner party in year 2002. I’m a interview bell said that she didn’t felt any spark between them back then and it all she remember is that Dax talked a lot. The couple met again few weeks after at Detroid ked wings and gave flirting a short which resulted in their marriage in oct 2013.

Before their official engagement dax wasn’t sure and kind if scared fir this commitment as he was really into drugs and all. But the couple dealt with all the obstacles and became a real famous couple in the industry. The couple are blessed with two girls Lincoln and Delta.

What’s Is Couples Thought on Showing Their Kids Picture to Media and Fans

Bell usually shares the picture of her daughters playing nad making a mess while hiding their faces. In a interview she mentioned that “I’m telling you right now, we don’t want our daughtets face anywhere even until they decides because I have the utmost respect for theri privacy”.

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Dax also tweeted something similar to her wife. He said “please boycott magazines that run pics of celebrity children. They shouldn’t be punished for who their parents are”.

Career life of both couple along with their parenthood

Bell is an actor, singer and producer and currently 40 years old. She got her first major roleĀ  in Veronica Mars and then got forgetting Sarah Marshall. She has a net worth of $20 million, more than her husband. She is also appeared in some comedy movies like couple’s retreat, when in Rome, you again etc.

Dax is a great actor and also a writter, director and podcast host. He’s 45 year old and carry a fit personality. He has a net worth of $12.5 million. He appeared in movies like without a paddle, zathura, employees of the month.