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Krispy Kreme Is Giving Free Donuts to All the 2020 Passouts

So there is news that doughnut franchise has decided to gift free doughnuts on Tuesday on the name of ‘graduate dozen’. Krispy Kreme is the most popular doughnut maker in the nation. On May 19, all the college graduates, as well as Highschool graduates who would be wearing cap gown or any ‘class of the year 2020’ outfit while visiting store locations in the nation, would be offered free doughnuts. Graduates can get free doughnuts even by showing their student ID to the shop.

The Reason Behind This Decision

This decision of free doughnuts is taken because due to coronavirus, the graduates of High school and college would not be able to arrive on stage and get their diploma. The farewell of these graduates has been canceled because of the pandemic.

What These Graduates Would Get?

These students would be gifted a special box that would be having two chocolate Iced Kreme filled, Strawberry Iced Kreme filled and doughnuts filled with cake batter. Also, they would be getting half dozen of the company’s signature doughnuts. The sweets are designed in such a way that they show ‘2020’ in three separate rows.

The doughnuts can be bought for May 18-24, otherwise, they would be offered without any price on May. This is a really good decision taken by the doughnut shop and owner because these graduates are really unlucky because they would not be able to get their farewell. So this decision might help them to get a little happier by remembering their school or college times. Many people are providing creative ideas so that they can have a ‘virtual celebration’ regarding their farewell.

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This decision by doughnut maker shows that even in the hardest of times, there’s always a way to reach happiness and there’s always a path of happiness.